Beautiful Girls Of Russia: Past And Present

Sexy Beautiful Russian BabeBeautiful Girls From Russia include two women named Catherine. The first was a servant who ended up as Empress of Russia and the second was a German princess who married an idiot but had many lovers on the side. Although these ladies lived very long ago the ways in which they fascinated and enslaved the men around them is sure evidence that they must have been lovely, mentally and physically.

Another beauty was Anna Karenina, a fictional character created by the novelist, Leo Tolstoy. Once again her beauty is evident, not in descriptions of her physical features, but in her words and in the impact that she has on the men around her. Tragically, love causes her to eventually fling herself before a train but even in this act of self-destruction the depth of her passion is portrayed.

Other fictional beauties are in the novel of ‘Doctor Zhivago’ by Boris Pasternak. The novel was later made into a film directed by David Lean. Individuals have their lives torn apart by politics and war but the love that Laura inspires in Zhivago tells of the power of a lovely woman. Her beauty is beyond her own power and she cannot renounce it though she might wish to, under some circumstances.

In the present Russia women are still affected by political and economic affairs. Many, like their predecessors, retain the physical characteristics that make them irresistible to men. One of the most striking features is stateliness. The proud carriage of a woman is like a frame, filled with entrancing details.

Coloring is another striking feature. Hair is often fair, or red and worn long. In winter, fur hats frame the face and wisps of hair against pure complexions can thrill a man especially when the girl or woman is patently unaware of the the effect that she has on those around her. Wide spaced eyes are acknowledged as beautiful features and many Russian women have such eyes, often blue or green and sparkling with wit.

The political system in Russia has produced many well educated people, despite economic difficulties. Learning and culture are aspects of beauty that are widely appreciated. The qualities of care, compassion and gentleness are also beautiful and these are engendered by the traditional family values of beautiful Russians.